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Bazadaise Cattle - For Sale and Wanted

Members can their advertise their Bazadaise cattle here for free.
Contact us here or phone the Breed Info on
01666 860470

Bull for Sale

Marsh Nougat- 2 yr old
Sired by French AI bull, Cesar

Enquiries to Shaun Worrell 07793 430 889


Bazadaise Heifers for Sale !

Andrew Coombe, Sanham Farm, Melton Mowbray, Leicester-shire has a selection of maiden, bulling and in-calf heifers for sale.
All are purebred Bazadaise and farm is TB1, last test December 2019, all clear.
Phone Andrew on 01664 813706 for more information.

Bulls for Sale - Yarlsber Herd

Choice of 5 bulls by 3 different sires
5 Bazadaise Bulls for sale from 17 months old.

We have just had a clear 4 yearly TB test in January 2020.
Our farm is on the Lancs /Yorks/Cumbria border
Click image for bigger photo
contact Bernard or Pat Gill on
01524241570 or 07763326483

Heifers Wanted

We have had a request from a new contact for some pure Bazadaise heifers
Please phone the prospective purchaser on 07717 779 848
if you have any for sale 



Pure Bazadaise Cows & Calves

or Female Bazadaise

  Contact details Richard 

on 07973530439

 [email protected]   

For Sale
Pedigree Bazadaise Bulls 

Choice of six between 20 and 30 months old
sired by Goose Green Delmar Ready for work

Contact Andrew Coombe
Melton Mowrbray on 01664 813706



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