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Beef Expo 2014

beef_expo_2014 We attended Beef Expo 2014 at Hexham Mart Centre on 22nd May 2014.  Here are some photos from that day.
Around 6000 people attended the show this year.  We had an eye catching stand, with a new, highly visible banner - and a place to sit and talk Bazadaise.  Also a stand with a cow and calf on display.  It would have been nice to have more cattle on display.  Please get in touch if you have any Bazadaise cattle, pure or cross, that you could take to our next events.  beefexpo2014_stand
Our Secretary, Tessa, will talk you through the process and you will get help from other members on the day.

Our Chairman, Willie Crawford (Macford Herd) from West Lothian brought along a purebred cow with her 8 months old bull calf at foot.

Our Secretary, Tessa Akers (Braydon Forest Herd) from Wiltshire on the stand.
Our Chairman awaiting the opportunity to talk Bazadaise with any interested passers-by.
beefexpo2014_secretary beefexpo2014_chairman
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