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Cow Classification Scheme

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As the British Bazadasie Cattle Society is one of the smaller beef cattle breed societies in the UK, it is not practical for us to have Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) like some of the more numerous breeds such as Limousin or Charolais.

However, we are keen to ensure the quality of Bazadaise cattle registered in the UK,  As an aid to that,  the French Bazadaise Society have made their Cow Classification Scheme and their Classifying Technician available to us.

Bernadette Darcos is employed full time by the French Bazadaise Society and is the Classifier for all French Bazadaise cattle.

In 2010 Bernadette came over the Channel and spent a week with us travelling between Ireland, England and Scotland.  She classified 36 cattle from 6 herds using the French scoring system.  All the animals put forward for classification were rated above average, scoring between 60 and 74.  (The maximum score is 100, pass is 50).

Bernadette was very impressed with the quality of the cattle she saw and is willing to come over again to assess more cattle. Here is an example of the results from a cow classified in 2010. 
It's in French, of course!
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How the Classification works

This is a points system and the results are put on the animal’s pedigree.  All the breeder has to add is the birthweight and ease of calving.

The points system is divided into 4 areas in order of importance as per the breed definition.

  • Muscular development (70 points)

  • Skeletal Development (50 points)

  • Functional Attributes (50 points)

  • Quality of breed. (30 points)

The overall mark or ‘note global’ is the total of the 4 areas divided by 2 to give a mark out of 100.
Muscular Development is sub-divided into 7
Width across shoulders Dessus d épaule 10
Width across back Largeur du dos 10
Roundness of hindquarter Arrondi de culotte 10
Width of hindquarter Larger de culotte 10
Width of loin x 1 Épaisseur du dessus 10
Width of loin x 2 Épaisseur du dessus 10
Length of hindquarter Longer de culotte 10
    Total score of 70

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Skeletal Development is sub-divided into 5
Length of back Longueur du dessus 10
Length of pelvis Longueur du basin 10
Width of haunches Largeur aux haunches 10
Height / growth development Développement x 2 20
    Total score of 50
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Functional attributes (soundness/straightness) is sub-divided into 5
Width of muzzle Larger du muffle 10
Front leg balance/straightness Aplomb avants 10
Rear leg balance/straightness Aplombs arrières 10
Straightness of back/topline Rectitude du dessus 10
Pelvic slope Inclinaison du basin 10
    Total score of 50
  Click on image to enlarge
Breed quality is sub-divided into 3
Eyes, membranes, size of head Muqueuses + éclairage de la tête 10
Colour of coat Robe 10
Overall quality of the breed Harmonie 10
    Total score of 30
  Click on image to enlarge
These scores describe the cow's beef attributes and are added to the cow’s maternal performance record  together with her calves' growth rates. The results don't reflect the true maternal attributes of the cow until the weights of her calves are recorded.

These marks consist of the following:-
Condition Note d’état 10
Width of chest Larger de poitrine 10
Depth of chest Profondeur de poitrine 10
Circumference of stifle Larger aux trochanters 10
Width at base of pelvis Larger aux ischions 10
Setting on of tail Attaché de queue 10
    Total score of 60

To meet the breed quality standard, cows must gain 50 points or more (out of 100).



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