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The Bazadaise Breed Standard

General Characteristics of the Bazadaise Breed

Coat Colour
Bulls are grey-coloured, going from a very light grey to a dark, carbon-like grey particularly at head level and at the neck and withers. The coat is often mottled with darker marks. The belly always has a lighter shade than the rest.

Females are lighter grey than males, sometimes with a slight wheat-like shade.

At birth, calves have a wheat-like hair coat and only adopt the characteristic colour of the breed around the age of 3-4 months, sometimes even later.

The Head
The head is wide, carried high, sweet and expressive with great eyes surrounded with a slightly pink-coloured aureola, with very light grey hair.

Horns are strong and egg-shaped at the base, wax-yellow and then brown at the tip. They dip to form a crescent or else the tip goes up again.

Muffle and muzzle are pink, a remarkable thing in this grey-coated breed.

The Body
The withers are especially strong in males
The shoulder is muscular and oblique
The ribs are round and wide
The breast is wide and deep
The pelvis is wide and slightly slanting
The back is upright, wide and well checked
The rump is very muscular, round-like, going very low down to the knuckle
The carcass is slender, limbs are neat and slender
The feet are small with strong, dark-coloured hoofs
Males are 1.45m high at the withers and weigh 900 to 1,200 kg
Females are 1.40 m at the withers and weigh 750 to 850 kg
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