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Pic of the Month! - Cesar sired heifer

Update - Shaun has sent new photos of Marsh India, at 9 wks.
Muscling is developing well, & excellent growth rates!
marsh_india_8wks_1 marsh_india_8wks_2
Shaun Worrell sent us these photorgaphs of a Cesar sired heifer calf and her dam.  Shaun says, " The cow is Sutton Daffodil, very easy calving, she calved herself in no time.  Heifer calf was up and sucking pretty quickly and now scooting round the crew.  Also had bull calf born not long after, same story, keen as mustard and up in no time."
worrell1 worrell4
(Cesar is one of our newer French AI Bulls. Feedback so far suggests that his calves seem to be born easily, are vigorous and have excellent growth rates. Their temperament also seems very good. Straws can be ordered through this website at £20 each.)


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