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Scotland's Beef Event 2015

The British Bazadaise Cattle Society was at Scotland's Beef Event, organised by the Scottish Beef Association, and held on the 27th May 2015 by kind permission of the Alexander family at Mains of Mause, Blairgowrie, Perthshire.

We had 4 cattle on the Bazadaise stand - 2 prime steers (Bazadaise sired out of AngusX cows) from the commercial herd of member Ian Orr, Standhill Farm, Bathgate and 2 young pedigree Bazadaise bulls from breed society chairman Willie Crawford, Hatton Mains, Kirknewton.  On the stand, ready to chat to all and sundry, were Ian and Willie plus Ann Malcolm from Aberdeen.
There was an overall attendance on the day of about 3,500 and the weather was very good until 3 in the afternoon when the rain started. 

However, our stand was in a good position and we had an encouragingly large amount of interest in the breed.  We were kept busy talking to folks from 9 in the morning until the sale of cattle started at 4pm.

The quality of the animals we had there certainly aroused interest.  It reinforces to us how much impact can be gained from having live animals on the stand.  A significant number of people we spoke to had not seen Bazadaise cattle in the flesh before.

All in all, it was a successful and enjoyable day for us all.

Here's some photos of our day...
Ian Orr's 23mth old Bazadaise sired steers out of AngusX cows.
Willie Crawford's pure Bazadise bulls, 12 and 13mth old
UPDATE - Willie's two bulls are now finished and went to ABP on 1st July 2015 - here's how they did...

15months U+2 406.1kg 380ppkg
15months E-2 414.4kg 380ppkg
Greeting visitors to our stand...

lots of folks interested in Bazadaise.....
and chatting.....
these two were so chilled out, later in the day they were asleep!
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